Quit Smoking! An Approach That Works

It takes more than just a patch, a box of chewing gum, or an exhortation to "suck it up and get over it."
We all know it's harder than that.
What do you need?

Together, we'll give you the strategy, the plan, and the support you need to quit smoking . . .
and feel good about yourself while you're doing it.

A Four-Part Program

It would have been easy to stop with the book. After all, the book is comprehensive, and the result of years of work.
But the "Quit Smoking While You're Smoking" program calls for reinforcement of the message, and our goal goes beyond simply giving you the strategy. Our goal is to work with you every step of the way. To do that, we've transformed the book into a whole multimedia experience.

Here's what you'll get with the "Quit Smoking While You're Smoking" program:

Our four-part program empowers you to quit and never go back!

That's right! Not only will you never smoke again, you'll never want to.

What happens when you try to quit smoking the wrong way?

The wrong approach forces you to try to quit when you're not ready, forcing you into a situation where you're denying yourself something you desperately want.

It's not just quitting, it's how you quit that really matters. Why? Because if you quit the wrong way, it won't be long before you're
smoking again.

Quit smoking the right way!

The right approach is a positive one. Instead of focusing on "don’t do this," the right approach focuses on how good you'll feel when you quit, on changing your routines so you smoke less right away, and on understanding why and when you smoke. With understanding, comes success. The right way to quit smoking . . .

When you're finished with the program, you will never want another cigarette . . .
you'll feel good, feel happy (and never cranky!) . . . you'll have more money to spend . . .
and you'll be a healthier person!

How much do you spend a month on smoking?

Be honest. It's a lot, isn't it? You know that if you took that money and saved it, after a year you could give yourself a nice down payment on a new car, take a cruise, or just have a little extra money in the bank. To get to that point, all you have to do is spend less than what most people spend in a couple of month's on cigarettes to receive our comprehensive four part program which includes your own personal quit smoking coach. Finally you will have the support you need to finally overcome your addiction. Keep in mind all of our coaches are former smoker's themselves; they understand what you are going through. Not only will you have your personal coach you will also get to work with Kevin Arthur Smith Live on your weekly webinars.

A Few Month's Worth Of Cigarette Money For A lifetime Of Freedom!

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It's easy to be smoke-free!

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